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The Lee "Modern Reloading 2nd Edition, Revised" Manual contains everything you need to know about reloading in one manual. The Revised Second Edition of Modern Reloading is a summary of a lifetime of reloading experience. This newest edition Lee manual has updated load data and comes in a new, larger, easier to read format. Whether you are a beginning reloader or an expert, the newly revised Second Edition manual will be a great addition to your reloading bench.

28,000 different loads in a new format, with velocities for starting loads. Data is supplied by the powder companies
Latest information on pressure. Including pressure and velocity factors so reloaders can calculate velocity and pressure for reduced loads
Covers 167 different cartridges
Cartridge diagrams with year of introduction, usable case volume and primer type
This manual has a table of contents and the load data has black tabs on the ends of the pages with calibres listed on those pages. There is no index