Welcome to Pro Shoot Firearms Club


We are a Home Office Approved Club and have membership and affiliations to several National Shooting Organisations such as the

United Kingdom Practical Shooting Association UKPSA

Great British Precision Rifle Association GBPRA

We have around 200 members from a wide variety of backgrounds and professions, and this continues to grow.

Our ranges are run by our own fully qualified Range Officers and Instructors. We also run a selection of courses that we hope you will find attractive to your needs.

Prospective members are invited to come along to one of our club shoot days and have a go under the strict supervision of our fully qualified Range Officers. If you decide that you would like to become a member, you would be expected to complete a membership form.

We will not approve any new members that have not attended a range day.

Membership year runs from October to September 

All new members will join as a Probationer.

Probationers are required to make 6 to 12 range visits during this time.

Probationary period is set between a minimum term of 3 months and maximum term of 6 months. 

Probation membership is Limited to 6 months and will expire. All probationers will be expected to complete a probation course before completing their probation period.

Course is run over 2 days + an assessment for Non FAC Holders 

Membership Pricing

Probation £120

This price covers Up To 6 months membership.

(If probation is passed before the 6-month mark, the probation membership will be considered completed, at this point the member will be promoted to Full and be charged the prorated fee for their chosen membership type.

From the date they complete Probation membership, to the next renewal date)

Full member, Annual /Renewing member pricing: 

Standard: £185

Practical: £100

PR22: £175

Combinations of membership are discounted.

Any 2 = 5% Discount

All 3 = 10% Discount (Complete Membership)


For the people living furthest away - Reduced price Standard club membership

Road-Trip Green: £85

Road-Trip Blue: £50 

Road-Trip Pink: Free (must pay joining fee)

All membership payments must be made through the
membership platform.

Probation course 

Non FAC holders £185 + £50 assessment 

FAC Holders £145 

(Payments for probation courses are to be made
directly to Brian)

Membership Enquiries to : or click the link below

Membership Enquiries