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3D Stage Builder Kits

The idea came from the frustration of using word, PowerPoint or SketchUp to design stages for USPSA. With the new 3D Props, it made life so much easier, It takes minutes to design a stage, to be able to observe it from every angle, plan shots before actually building the stage.


It comes with the following

12 Blue Barrels
14 Fault Lines
2 Starting Boxes
1 Texas Star
1 Platerack
2 Activators
1 Activator Boxes
16 USPSA Targets
5 Hardcover Targets
16 Target Stands
1 Bianchi Barricade
12 US or Colt Poppers
6 Popper Stands
16 Walls
20 Wall stands
2 Tires
4 No Shoots
4 Double Targets
1 Table
1 Chair
Default wall settings are:

- 8FT Walls: 7 Solid, 2 Center, 1 Left/Right port
- 6ft Walls: 2 Solid, 1 Center Port.
- 4ft Walls: 3 Solid