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The Case Conditioning System is built around a miniature lathe, or Case Trimmer, that not only trims the case neck to length, but also fits with the industry’s widest range of compatible conditioning tools.

Since cases stretch when fired, the first step in reloading is to return them to a consistent length, ideally the minimum that the Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers’ Institute (SAAMI) specifies. Measure each case from base to mouth and then trim to the correct depth. Trimming will improve the precision of your handloads, as well as safety, by ensuring that the case mouth will not contact the chamber mouth.

Begin by selecting the modular Case Trimmer according to the caliber you’re reloading:
  • Original Case Trimmer & Kit – Trims most standard calibers from 17 cal (.171″) to 460 cal (.459″), such as 223 Rem, 308 Win, 6.5 Creedmoor, and 30-06. This category includes the Original-sized Power Case Trimmer to fit most standard drill presses.
  • Classic Case Trimmer & Kit – Trims larger and classic black powder calibers, such as 45-100, 50 AE, and 50-70 Gov.

All Forster Products Case Trimmers share these superior features:

  • Four staggered-tooth cutting edges guide these trimmers to fast, smooth, chatterless cutting for perfectly square case mouths.
  • Each bearing is honed by hand to fit the cutter shaft.
  • Fine adjustment screw allows fine-tuning of case lengths to .001″ or less.
  • Extruded aluminum, I-beam-style base resists lathe torques.
  • Original, Classic, and Power Case Trimmers accommodate our range of specialized case conditioning accessories.
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