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The Tomahawk 5.5 is born!  Introducing the lowest profile barricade bag on the planet!  While the Battleaxe is perfect on most barricades, for everything else there's the Tomahawk!  What a deadly duo!!

Don’t be fooled by it’s size, the Tomahawk 5.5 packs a serious punch!  Retaining 8” length 5.5" Width this bag is super stable!  Being 1.5" wider than the standard Tomahawk 4, it would be better suited as a main bag.  Weighing approx just 6lb with sand it's an absolute belter for running a fast stage or someone looking for a more manageable bag with less height.  Can be used either way up for varying width barricades just like it’s bigger brother!  Great for small portholes, narrow openings or just running fast stages. Also doubles as a superb rear bag.  Phenomenal little guy!


Filled with Glass Crumb

Military spec straps, hook/loop and thread!


Go get em!

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