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Made as a 2 belt system, The first is an inner trouser belt with hook Velcro on the outside and the second being an outer belt with loop Velcro on the inside.

The way these belts work are, the user puts on the inner belt through the loops in their trousers, similar to a traditional belt. Then the outer belt is put on over the inner belt and fastened with the cobra buckle. This creates an almost seamless connection between the user and their kit.

Manufactured by 2LE, formerly known as FRV Tailoring.


  • The belt is 50mm/2" width.

  • The belt is rigid which provides a solid mounting platform for heavy equipment

  • Molle loops run along the top and bottom of the outer belt to fit any molle pouches or carriers.

  • Uses an Austria pin Cobra Buckle rated for 4000LB's

  • The outer belt has between 18 and 24 rows of molle (size dependant)

    These belts are sized to the users waist size, for example, if the user is a 32” purchase a 32” belt.

    Small accommodates for a waistband of 30” to 32”
    Medium accommodates for a waistband of 34” to 36”
    Large accommodates for a waistband of 38” to 40”