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Sabatti presents the new ROVER family of rifles, a completely redesigned set of bolt-action rifles intended for hunting, sport shooting and professional uses. The new Sabatti Rover family of rifles carries on the high quality, high accuracy tradition and decades old experience of the World appreciated Classic Pro Sabatti Rover bolt-action design, further improving it with a redesigned action and bolt, new materials, a higher level of CNC
quality and a wide choice of configurations.
The new Sabatti Rover action is a completely new design, made out of a solid billet of Ergal 55, precision machined to minimize manufacturing-induced tolerances, then hard anodized. The receiver comes with an integral Picatinny rail allowing the mount of riflescopes or other aiming devices.
The new Sabatti Rover bolt is CNC machined from a bar of steel and comes in a chrome or matte black finish, depending on models. The quality of this new three lugs, 60° opening throw bolt, along with a new sturdy extractor and a removable knob, make the new Sabatti Rover action one of the best in the market.
The Sabatti Rover Hunter Classic Pro rifle comes with a standard, two lever, trigger group.
The cold-hammer forged barrel makes use of a traditional rifling, out of manufacturing processes that have been further improved, and vaunts all the accuracy Sabatti rifles are famed for. Of particular importance, the barrel comes fitted with a barrel extension which allows ease of barrel interchangeability, without any need
for adjusting the head space.
The Sabatti Rover Hunter Classic Pro barrel has a 16 mm (5/8”) diameter, a matte black finish and comes with a muzzle brake mounted on a M14x1 thread. Barrel Length 20".
The Sabatti Rover Hunter Classic Pro rifle comes with a walnut stock finished in a warm “enhanced” wood graining coating, which combines a classic style and lightness with improved ergonomics and a soft recoil pad which helps tame the heavier calibres kick. The stock has black polymer, removable cheek rest and comes with
a set of three different interchangeable heights, as well as a set of shims to adjust the stock length of pull. A
multipurpose steel plate is embedded in the forearm, allowing the mount of bipods or other accessories.
The Rover Hunter Classic Pro rifle offers all of the accuracy, ruggedness and reliability of the Sabatti bolt-action
rifles tradition: more than 300 years of Italian gun making experience, at the most affordable price