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BRUNOX Turbo-Spray

BRUNOX Turbo-Spray is useful for a number of applications, and was designed for a multitude of mechanical applications, and is therefore perfectly suited for firearms cleaning and maintenance.

Rust Loosener & Preventative

BRUNOX Turbo-Spray creeps into the minute pores in steel, penetrating deeply by capillary action, and allowing the removal of rusted screws and the cleaning of surface rust. Brunox will also provide protection against rust, and displace water, for up to 6 months after application, making it an excellent short term preservative spray.

A spray on your guns with Brunox after cleaning will keep them in perfect condition, and ready for the next day's shooting. Brunox forms a thin, non hardening film, so it can simply be wiped off when no longer needed. Brunox is also neutral against wood, leather, varnish, rubber, plastic, and other substances, so will not damage any other parts, unlike some other sprays.


Thanks to the additive Turboline, BRUNOX Turbo-Spray is capable of breaking down lead, powder residue, copper and nickel residues, making it a powerful firearms cleaning agent. Spray on to a bronze brush when cleaning, and simply wipe the bore through with the brush and patches until clean, and BRUNOX will remove all traces of fouling. BRUNOX Turbo-Spray will also protect your bore from moisture and corrosion, and can be easily wiped out prior to shooting, providing a durable barrier for rust and damp, lasting up to 6 months.

BRUNOX Turbo-Spray is free from Graphite, PTFE, and silicone, and will not leave a residue or corrode once your gun is clean, it can simply be left on the gun.


BRUNOX Turbo-Spray is an excellent lubricant. Perfect for lubricating any moving parts, BRUNOX Turbo-Spray is durable and will loosen tight parts, and can be used to lubricate pretty much any moving part.

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