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Black Dog 25 round Sonic X .22LR magazine (AR15 .22 fit)

This is the Black Dog 'Sonic X' 25 round magazine for AR15 .22 conversions.

Manufactured from tough polycarbonate sonically welded together, instead of the hex screws and brass inserts found on the previous X form model.

The full length weld makes them more durable with repeated impacts on concrete range floors, they are also cheaper and lighter without the screws and assembly.

Available with either Black Nylon or Stainless Steel feed lips, both of which have a single mono block shape, so no risk of seam splits or chips. Both types are extremely hard wearing, so material choice is down to personal preference, tough slippy black nylon or shiny and durable cast stainless steel.

Compatible with all AR 15 .22s using the common CMMG/Ciener/Atchinson format mechanism.