• Basic Combat 1 day course.
  • (Available Dates)•
  • July 20th 1 Day basic combat introduction course

  • July 21st 1 Day basic combat introduction course


  • 8.30am - On range for registration.
  • 9am-12pm Morning period of instruction.
  • 12pm -1pm Lunch and debrief.
  • 1pm- 4.30pm Afternoon period of instruction.
  • 4.30pm-5pm Clean up and debrief.

Typical itinerary includes but not limited to

  • Weapons Setup.
  • Presentations to include low / high and compressed ready.
  • Combat Reloads.
  • Cadence Shooting.
  • Target Transitions.
  • Forward Movement.
  • Lateral Movement
  • Assessed Shoot

Who would benefit from this course.

Anyone who wishes to understand the correct methods of Gun positioning that results in correct shot placement and correct methods of movement with a firearm.

Practical Shooters,


Skirmishing and Gamers.

Film Industry

If you want to look professional and believable for your next part, then learn how to move, shoot and perform like a pro. Actors, Stuntmen, Film Crew and Extras. Our aim is to produce individuals or teams who are comfortable and proficient with the use of firearms and weapon systems.

If this is not enough for you and if you wish for more then consider a 4-day course or even better a tailored made course specific to your character and requirements.

Police and Military

Please contact for more information.

Cost of the 1 day basic course is £340.00 per person. (Price based on a full course of 10 students)If you are interested in attending one of these or some of our other courses, please contact me for more information.