Discover Wales' Premier Leupold & Savage Arms Shooting Centre of Excellence: Pro Shoot

Dive into the heart of Wales at the Pro Shoot Firearms and Shooting Club, now the proud home of UKPSA, Precision Rifle Series, and a Centre of Excellence for Leupold and Savage Arms. Today, the sounds of steel resonate through the valleys. We join Viking Arms' Andy Norris, Andy Simpson-Nix Precision Rifle Series UK, Steven Shorter @steves_shooting_shenanigans_ and champion GB shot Joe Pask @precisionriflejoe. Hear about Joe's quirky lucky charm and explore the art of precision rifle shooting. Is Pro Shoot the best shooting hub in the UK? They’re certainly setting their sights on it, with their mission to be the top match provider in Europe, welcoming international shooting enthusiasts. For newcomers, it’s a sport with an accessible entry point, with rifles ready off the shelf. As you delve deeper, options expand, but the focus remains on fun and learning. Plus head to Pro Shoot to take our Savage challenge on your visit - can you outmuscle the strongest man in Wales and clinch a Leupold prize?

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